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Are You Sad Or Frustrated Because of Your Embarrassing Skin Problems? Here’s The Fastest Way to Get A Clean, Spotless and Glowing Skin!

Within The Next 14 to 28 Days, You Will Regain Your Beauty, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.

This New Secret Blend Will Make You as Spotless as You’ve Always Desired.

It Will Remove Acne, Pimples, Black Spots and Other Blemishes from Your Body – Without Bleaching Your Skin. (You'll Become Widely Admired Wherever You Go!)

Dear Sister,

I would love to ask you a few questions…

  • Is your skin condition making you sad and depressed, and actually killing you inside but you can’t tell anyone?
  • Are you frustrated because acne and pimples and dark spots have taken over your body and your social life, that you almost don’t go out with friends or meet new people again – but instead, sit alone feeling sad?
  • Do you always hide your real face behind heavy makeup and avoid exposing your body in public, or even in front of your lover, because of your embarrassing skin blemishes?
  • Do strangers embarrass you in public with unsolicited skincare advice – because they see how terrible your skin condition is?
  • Have you tried everything and spent tens or even hundreds of thousands trying to get a clean and spotless skin without any success?
  • Does your skin react badly to beauty products that seem to work well for others?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and depressed you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to keep having acne, pimples, black spots and other skin blemishes all over your body for years after spending so much money and trying almost everything possible to make your skin spotless.

I know how skin problems can literally take over your life and negatively affect your relationships, health, career and even your future. It happened to me.

So I understand you…and I feel your pain…you are not alone.

BUT I Promise YOU…

between NOW and the next 28 days…your life would have transformed radically…from the lady/woman with unpleasant skin issues and low self-esteem to a super-confident and beautiful woman with soft, smooth and spotless skin…

Forget about your skin condition for few minutes and…

Imagine you wake up someday and then looked into the mirror…

...your face is clean and without one single spot…and your body so soft, spotless and smooth as silk.

…Then out of excitement you jump into the bathroom to have your bath…and you dress up…and then step out without makeup…because actually you don’t need any makeup to cover anything on your beautiful skin…

Yet, everywhere you go, you feel eyes on you…everybody looking at you and admiring your flawless skin – even women too.

…Everybody wants to be your friend and you’re always the center of attraction and attention.

Ladies envy you. Men run after you…

Okay…you can stop imagining now…

…because the picture I just painted can become your reality – if you want it.

Yes, you can now overcome your acne, pimples, black spots and those other ugly blemishes on your skin and become one of the most admired women ever.

You have the opportunity today...I only hope you make the right choice. (I know you would. You came very far to get to this page; I intentionally hid it this far because it’s not for everyone. But you made it here – shows you’re responsible and are serious about your wellbeing. Congratulate yourself!)

See, I was a victim of bad skin conditions too...

And I almost gave up on my skin after trying everything people recommended without results – even silly things like urine and sperm.

Yes, I tried those in addition to several creams and drugs and injections. Even the expensive facials and lots of spa visits.

But it seemed as if acne was sent from hell to destroy me.

And when I’m with my friends I would be full of envy, wondering why it must be me that was cursed with severe acne.

But I transformed from the “girl with the rough and ugly skin” to a diva every photographer and makeup artist begs to be their model and face of their brand.

You too can transform your skin from rough and ugly to smooth and spotless…

And you can do that within the next 28 days!

Yes, in such short period, you can transform:

  • from having rough skin to having clean and spotless skin...
  • from always using heavy makeup to using less makeup when going out...
  • from being camera shy to becoming a selfie queen – even becoming addicted to no-makeup selfies...
  • from looking older than your real age to looking younger than you really are...
  • from always hiding your body to always flaunting your flawless skin...
  • from becoming depressed about your skin to becoming excited and full of life because of your great skin...

Yes, you can have these radical transformations, and I am a living proof.

My name is Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu

I was once struggling with severe acne (and its symptoms)!

If you’ve followed BeauCrest for a while, then you must know the story of how acne took over my life and changed it for the worse – went from someone friendly and lively to becoming an anti-social introvert.

No Parties…No Selfies…No Social Media…No Boyfriend…No Nothing!

Until I found a soap that changed everything and cleared up my skin.

This made me start using my experience to help other women.

Unfortunately, while the soap worked for a majority of those who used it, many others weren’t satisfied with it – either it didn’t remove their blemishes or their skin reacted badly to it.

Then my major headache became:

Is it possible to have a skincare product that works well for ALL skin types?

You know...a product that is suitable for your skin and get rid of all your blemishes, notwithstanding whether you have an oily or dry skin, or both (combination skin); or a sensitive skin or normal skin…

It became my dream to create such product.

So I started my research and consulted with a lot of skincare experts, dermatologists and botanists – of course I wanted something 100% organic and preferably plant-based.

After about seven months of hard work, experiments, tests and a lot of money invested, I found the perfect formula – the ultimate solution!

Gave it to so many people to use – mostly family and friends, while we kept refining the formula, and the results were good.

We then launched it to our email community of over 17,500 women.

Since they already trusted us and our recommendations, a lot of people bought this new product and everyone we’ve spoken to has had a good story to tell.

So I became super-excited; we created a product that will get rid of all the blemishes on your skin and give you an even, clean skin tone and the perfect glow, no matter your skin type or colour!

So what product am I talking about?

Before I unveil it, let me share some results with you…

Spotless, Glowing Skin!

Personally, I stuck to it and abandoned other skincare products…

Even though I no longer had severe acne when I started using this new solution, I however noticed some good results on my skin:

  1. While I was pregnant, I developed some dark skin tags. They said it’s normal in pregnancy and would go off after childbirth. But no, they didn’t go off my face after I gave birth.

Thank God it was around this same time we created this magical product; I started using it, and the skin tags disappeared faster than they appeared. Just noticed about 5 days later that they were no longer there.

  1. The few acne on my body (especially my back) dried off fast.
  2. I noticed a new, radiant glow on my skin, and my true colour came out evenly.

Just let me show you a picture I took recently when I went for antenatal, without any makeup on:

Raw, unedited phone camera picture. Love the glow? 😁

Wherever I go – church, hospital, work, my child’s school – and even when I post pictures online, people keep asking me the same question: what are you putting on your skin that’s making you this fresh and glowy?

But really…I’m not here to inspire you with my condition was no longer that bad.

Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin Healed!

Let me gist you instead about one of our earliest customers and users of the product, Damilola Ogunnika, who was just like you a few weeks ago.

Dami also had a face (and body) full of acne, black spots and other skin blemishes, but just like you, nothing worked satisfactorily for her.

Whenever she got a product that promised to give her a clear skin, she was always disappointed; the product would not just fail to remove her acne, they mostly added more to her problem.

And that’s because she has a very, very sensitive skin that reacted negatively to most ingredients, even the so-called natural ingredients (aloe vera, shea butter, lime, mention it – she reacted badly!).

She even reacted badly to the soap we were selling before now.

Just as you are now, she was tired of her skin conditions but also gave up on trying new products on her body.

It was a very HUGE leap of faith when she finally decided to try our new magical formula.

In fact, I can’t call it faith, because she told me that she was actually expecting the usual breakouts the next day after using our product (because she tried something similar in the past and her skin reacted badly – only if she knew ours was totally different!).

Well, she waited but no fresh breakouts or bad skin reactions came.

Instead, she got pleasantly surprised.

Just exactly as you’ll experience, within just 5 days she started noticing some changes on her skin.

...And now...she has fully regained her self-confidence and beauty, and no longer enslaved to acne, black spots and all the frustration that comes with them.

This will be your story (or even better) within the next 14 days when you start nourishing your skin with this product.

Before I give you more success stories, interviews, screenshots, before-and-after pictures, etc, let me tell you about this magical product now changing the lives of Nigerian women.

Meet the Miracle Your Skin Has Been Waiting For!

After months of hard work and a whole lot of money consulting and testing dozens of ingredients...

...we finally developed a powerful proprietary botanical formula, consisting of the most powerful skincare herbs in the world, which will speedily clear off ANY blemish on ANY type of skin it’s applied to.

Thanks to our new in-house skincare consultant, Bimbo, who knows how to perfectly mix these ingredients in the perfect proportion to make a blend that wouldn’t be too harsh on the skin, but tough on blemishes.

Bimbo is an herbal skincare expert and qualified botanist (M.Sc level) with specialty in ethnobotany (study of traditional use of plants for several purposes, including medicine and even cosmetics).

So you can trust that she knows her onions.

Three Powerful Plants That Will Change Your Life For Good Forever!

Our proprietary secret botanical blend consists of three (3) unique plants, which individually work to combat an array of skin problems, but the combination of which makes them irresistible to ANY skin condition or blemish.

Trust me, I don’t care how severe your skin blemish is, they can’t stand the force of this magical formula.

Used for over 2,000 years in India for its medicinal properties, the first plant in this magical blend is known to contain beneficial compounds that have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

That is, it kills bacteria (such as the one causing acne) and fungi (such as ringworm), and also reduces swelling and redness of the skin.

A 2011 research review published in Cancer Biology & Therapy indicates that this plant may also offer anti-cancer benefits, including immune-stimulating and tumor-suppressing properties.

It wouldn’t just kill your acne; it will prevent further breakouts and clear pigmentation (dark spots) from acne scars and wounds.

It speeds up wound healing, slows the aging process, and improves hair and scalp health.

The vitamins and fatty acids in this magical plant improve and maintain the elasticity of your skin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This makes your skin look rejuvenated and youthful.

The second plant in our secret blend is a rarer medicinal plant commonly gathered from the wild, majorly for its fungicidal properties…

It is potent in the treatment of most fungal skin infections, including even chronic fungal infections such as 'tinea versicolor'.

tinea versicolor

Its antibacterial properties help slow down the multiplication of bacteria while other plants in the blend kill them off.

This will help clear acne and other skin blemishes faster and improve the appearance of your skin.

This plant helps to reduce sebum (human skin oil) production and increase cell regeneration and collagen production.

(Collagen is the protein that promotes glowing, vibrant skin. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthier.)

The final (third) plant in our proprietary blend has antibiotic properties (which inhibit the growth of the bacteria causing acne) and is rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, citric acid, and flavonoids.

These can help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from infections.

These Vitamin C and flavonoids also help reduce body odor and sweat.

It also has lightening properties that can lighten dark spot, dark joints (elbows, knees, etc) and even dark armpits.

Since it also contains astringent properties, this plant can help reduce wrinkles, as well as diminish dark spots, skin tan, and open pores.

It also tightens the skin (closing your pores) and reduces the production of oil that also can cause acne and pimples.

Strong anti-bacterial + very strong anti-fungal + strong anti-biotic…who born acne?

Can you now see why NO skin blemish can ever stand this powerful blend?

Can you also see why we had to partner with an herbal skincare expert and qualified ethnobotanist to get the perfect proportions in the blend so it doesn’t become too powerful for your skin?

Guess what?

That’s not all!!!

We got our powerful blend.

Then the next problem became: how would people apply it on their skin.

A Powerful Host for A Powerful Blend…to radically transform your skin!

We needed a base – a carrier or host – a product that can accommodate this powerful blend of herbs and help control the dosage for the user.

After considering different options – oils, creams, soaps, etc. – we finally chose the best soap in the world.

We chose the almighty African Black Soap!

Wondering why we chose the African Black Soap?

It’s simple: the African black soap on its own has strong antimicrobial properties and shares some of the wonderful properties of the plants in our proprietary secret blend.

So, they’ll just complement one another and together become more potent in giving you the skin of your dreams.

The Best Bathing Soap in The World!

The African black soap is the product we found to be powerful enough to accommodate our powerful blend and not reduce its power, yet suitable for ALL skin types, whether oily or dry or sensitive!

And that just simply aligns with my goal of a beauty soap for everybody.

If you see anyone reacting badly to the African black soap, then it must be for either of these 3 reasons:

  1. The person has an underlying medical condition that needs to be first treated before tackling their skin problems, or
  2. The person got their African black soap from a wrong source.
  3. Bad non-skin-friendly ingredients have been added to such black soap.

Back to my gist…We were right in our choice of the African Black Soap as our base product to carry our powerful herbal blend.

According to Wikipedia, the African black soap is very popular among North Americans.

African black soap
You see the part I marked in Red? The soap invented by your ancestors is popular in the American continent, but it's not in your own bathroom? Wehdone!

And it’s true: there are far over 18,500 combined reviews, with an average of 4 stars, for African black soap on the first page of Amazon search alone.

This soap is popular among North Americans for a good reason, and these are the same reasons we chose this powerful soap as our base ingredient...

HealthLine gave 14 benefits of using the African Black Soap.

Even Oyinbos know this secret, and they come to pack our African beauty secret away, while you spend your own money on foreign products!

  1. It's antibacterial: the African black soap kills off bacteria, which is the cause of most skin blemishes and disorders
  2. It's safe for all skin types: It’s advantage over other soaps in the world is that it is suitable for ALL skin types, even sensitive skin.
  3. It's moisturizing: the oils in the black soap helps to moisturize the skin, especially if you have a dry skin
  4. It won't make your skin oily: the African black soap naturally regulates and balances the oil on your skin, no matter how oily your skin is. Remember it’s excess oil and bacteria that cause acne.
  5. It helps soothe irritation: the black soap soothes reaction on sensitive skin, patches or breakage from dry skin, redness from rashes and acne and every form of irritation or inflammation
  6. It's anti-inflammatory: it doesn’t just reduce inflammation; it also prevents it
  7. It helps fight acne: its antibacterial and antifungal properties go deep into your skin pores to clean them out and kill acne-causing bacteria
  8. It may help reduce fine lines: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and thereby slow down aging and make you look younger
  9. It helps protect against photoaging: photoaging is the damage of the skin and consequent aging that comes from repeated exposure to the UV rays of the sun. The African black soap protects you against this undesirable skin condition.
  10. It helps improve skin texture: as the African black soap tones, softens and smoothens out your skin, the texture and quality of your skin would greatly improve.
  11. It helps prevent razor burn and related rashes (or bumps): the African black soap is great for shaving – you can use it both as shaving cream and after-shave, as it protects your skin from bumps and rashes.
  12. It may help reduce hyperpigmentation: like sunburn and dark spots -- and every other form of discolouration...and helps to even-out your skin tone.
  13. It may help minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks: the African black soap is famous for its healing properties that help heal scars and wounds. This also allows it to gradually fade stretch marks away.
  14. It's antifungal: the African black soap doesn’t just kill bacterial infections like acne, but also kills fungal infections like ringworm and yeast infection.

These are just 14 out of dozens of other benefits of the African black soap.

Really…It’s an insult on our heritage that the African black soap is “popular” among North Americans and changing their lives positively, while they keep selling their own chemical products back to us.

We need to take back what belongs to us and use it for our own good.

Did you notice similarities between the African black soap and the three plants in our herbal blend? Now you understand why the African black soap was our perfect base choice.

Combining this powerful soap with our powerful blend made us end up with a skincare product with superpowers.

And we simply named it...

The BeauCrest African Black Soap!

The BeauCrest African Black Soap!

This is NOT Your Average or Usual Black Soap!

How many black soap “mixers” understand both the traditional and scientific sides of these herbs?

That’s why I had to work with botanists and later partnered with someone who already knew about traditional medicinal herbs before she even studied them in school.

So she knows everything about herbs: traditional/cultural, academic and scientific.

That’s how she can know the best products and the proportions to mix to suit every type of skin.

And oh, the process she takes the ingredients through, to make sure they retain their potency and aren’t contaminated, would make you love her for how much she cares for you.

The BeauCrest African Black Soap and its ingredients go through a carefully monitored six-step process:

  1. Collection (of the best ingredients from the wild, from markets, etc)
  2. Treatment (to protect the plants from microorganisms that would otherwise render the active compounds useless)
  3. Conversion (from the form each plant was collected to the best suitable form)
  4. Mixing (in the perfect proportions we found most potent, after a lot of research, tests and experiments)
  5. Packaging (neatly and hygienically to ensure your safety) – we’ll definitely improve on our packaging in the nearest future…for now, the content is most important.
  6. Storing (in an hygienic environment too – I don’t play with safety, especially when it comes to what people put on their bodies)

So…you can rest assured that your soap isn’t just safe because it’s 100% organic and plant-based, but also safe because of the hygienic condition of the manufacturing process and the environment in which it is made.

And not just that, it will work for your skin and make your blemishes a thing of the past.

Ironically, while interviewing Dami, I found out she already used black soap in the past; she even bought hers from the biggest mixers of soap in this part of the world.

But it failed her!

Here’s what she said:

My skin is very funny in a special way; I tell people I have the most reactive skin in Africa. Lol.

I react badly to almost everything. I reacted to all the soaps and creams I've used. I even react to herbs like aloe vera, lime, etc. I reacted to your Horse Oil Soap too. In fact, I believe I react to air too! It was so bad I started covering my face with veil.

So when I learnt about the black soap, I was at first skeptical, because I recently bought black soap that was mixed with other herbs at Bode in Ibadan, yet my skin broke out after I used it.

So I was expecting fresh breakouts the next day after using the BeauCrest African Black Soap. To my surprise I did not react badly...and not just that, there are no new breakouts. The blemishes are clearing; the black spots are fading. I don't cover my face again.

If me with skin that can react for Africa can get results this good in less than 2 weeks, then I believe this soap will really work well for everyone else.

Thank you so much for this soap; I'll get another before this one finishes!

- Damilola Ogunnika

I have a normal skin, and you’ve heard the story of how the BeauCrest African Black Soap removed my skin tag, my few acne and gave me a super glow everybody is envying.

You’ve heard the story of Damilola that has a super-sensitive skin.

Now let’s check out people with super oily skin!

See what another user with oily skin and open pores said about the BeauCrest African Black Soap in a chat, after just 6 days of using it:

And here's her full (and touching) testimonial:

“My face is clearing, like really clearing.

My pores are very open, but the soap really unclogged my pores.

My body sef don clear. Even my husband was blown away.

My student too is happy for me – other people notice the difference more, especially people that knew me before. That's how I’m certain your black soap is working.

That black soap is the best thing to happen to me, honestly <3 <3 <3

All I can say is: the soap is the truest remedy I've found for my battle of over a decade with acne!”

- Seun Adediran, HottieBond Beauty Studios

Here’s her before-and-after pics in less than 3 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap:

Seun after 3 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap!

Here’s What You’ll Start to Notice on Your Skin When You Use the BeauCrest African Black Soap:

  • If you have an oily skin, your face would feel less oily or even a little drier, because the first thing the soap does is control the production of oil on your face. If it feels too dry, all you’ll have to do is use a moisturizer -- which we can help you with.
  • Your pores will become smaller and your skin would get tighter, especially if you have open pores. This would help you prevent acne from forming in your skin.
  • If you have dry skin, your skin would feel less dry and a bit moisturized. Your skin will feel fresher, smoother and softer, like that of a baby.
  • You will feel very clean, but not in a harsh way.
  • If you have black spots, they’ll start to lose their colour within the first 2 weeks; they’ll start to fade into lighter colours, like brown. Then with time, they’ll blend with your normal skin colour and disappear completely.
  • You’ll begin to glow! I really don’t care what your skin type or skin colour is; you’ll just begin to glow within 2 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap religiously.
  • You’ll stop having fresh breakouts on your skin…
  • Even if you usually have hormonal breakouts, maybe during your period or ovulation, it will drastically reduce and they’ll dry off faster than before, as long as you use the soap religiously
  • People around you would be the first to notice the changes on your face, and they’ll ask you what’s up! (Kindly advertise our soap to them; don’t be selfish o! *wink*)
  • If you use makeup (which should not be a lot anyway), you’ll notice that the makeup begins to sit well on your face, and with time you’ll start wearing less or lighter makeup…till there comes a time when you don’t even wear makeup again unless to an event…
  • After a while, your original skin colour will come out and everything will blend into one colour – no more coke and fanta, no more dark spots or sun burn.
  • You’ll become addicted to selfies…and social media…

It will be hard to go back to any other soap after using the BeauCrest African Black Soap. I promise!

Even me the seller was surprised at this lady (Oluwatosin)'s testimonial! 😂
Just one week!

I know you’re already eager to get your own BeauCrest African Black Soap and immediately get started on your transformational journey, from embarrassed and shy owner of a rough and dull skin to a proud and excited owner of a smooth and glowing skin

So I’ll tell you how you can quickly grab your share of this concoction of beauty miracles immediately.

So How Do You Lay Your Hands on Your Own Magical BeauCrest African Black Soap?

All you need to do to get the BeauCrest African Black Soap is place your order right here on this page, and your soap will be brought to you wherever you are in Nigeria within the next 3 to 5 working days.

You don’t even have to pay now, until you get your soaps.

You say how much is the BeauCrest African Black Soap?

Trust me, if we consider all that goes into creating this miracle soap, from the months of consulting, researching and testing, to how hard it is to source some of the ingredients of the BeauCrest African Black Soap (we hire farmers to source one of the plants we use from the wild, because it’s not easily found), then we would be tempted to price the BeauCrest African Black Soap very high.

We can sell each container for N160,000, and it would be very worth it. Or at least, N60,000...if we want to be nicer.

But I won’t sell it to you at that price, because I want as many women as possible to be able to afford this beauty magic.

So…let’s meet halfway: N30,000. Fair enough?

You’d agree with me that a soap with all that combo of unforgiving ingredients that will get rid of ALL your blemishes and make you glow with pride should be worth more than 30k.

But I still don’t want to sell it for as much as 30k.

Truth is, we are both teammates in this battle against acne – it’s your goal to get rid of acne, while it’s my goal to help you and as many people as possible get rid of acne.

If we both succeed, we both end up being happy.

You get to have a clean and spotless skin, with a boost in self-confidence; while I get to have more people to try our soap.

So... if you’re willing to join this beauty-conscious team of flawless, powerful and super-confident women, I’m also willing to reduce the price of the BeauCrest African Black Soap…

I’ll be halving the BeauCrest African Black Soap again and give it to you for just N21,000. You’ll agree with me that I’ve tried, yea?


Just to encourage you to try this magical soap NOW, if you order for the BeauCrest African Black Soap today, in fact before leaving this page, you’ll get it for just N13,000 – over 38% discount!

Yes, I mean it: as at today, if you order for the BeauCrest African Black Soap, you’ll get it for just N13,000 (sorry, I can’t promise you’ll get it at this same price later – it can change anytime. Ask those who saw this page in the past.)

To claim your over 38% discount immediately, click the button below:

Send My Magical Soap Now!(I Prefer to Pay on Delivery!)

Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll fill your delivery details into a very simple order form in about 90 seconds.

A representative will then contact you to confirm your order and your soaps will be shipped to you immediately. You'll get delivery within 3 to 5 working days. (Don’t worry, it’s Pay on Delivery!)

(For any enquiries, please call/text/WhatsApp 08106432737, or visit us at Tawakalitu Shopping Complex, KM 9, LASU Rd, Afolabi Bus Stop, Lagos.)

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

 “Firstly, I noticed that my skin stopped breaking out. The acne on my forehead started reducing.

My makeup artist was however the first to notice major changes after 12 days of me using the BeauCrest black soap;

=> my black spots were already fading into dark brown and nearing the colour of my skin;

=> my rough face was smoother;

=> she didn't have to use an "orange corrector" to cover my blemishes as usual, and yet, my makeup came out finer than before.

I looked in the mirror 15 days later, the difference is very clear. My face is no longer dull and rough but now glowing, and my original colour is restored; I'm not as dark as I was 2 weeks ago.

I'll send you my before-and-after photos.”

Omotola Adeyemo
Witty Expressions NG
Omotola after 2 weeks of using the BeauCrest African black soap!
Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

NOTE: We are not yet a major manufacturer; we are a small skincare brand that does everything manually...

...from sourcing and handpicking the best ingredients, to pounding and mixing, to packaging and even shipping.

This makes supply limited; we get thousands of orders every month, but we can only make a limited unit of soaps per week, even if we work 24/7 (and we don’t work 24/7).

So, it’s first come, first served (unless you’re an old customer).

The fact that you’re currently on this page puts you at an advantage over others that would get here later.

It’s better you place your order immediately so that you get your soap faster and don’t have to wait for a few extra weeks to get it, by the time you finally order.

So click the button below so that you get your soap within the next 5 days and start deleting all your blemishes fast.

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

Bonuses on Delivery

As soon as you take delivery of your BeauCrest African Black Soap, here are bonuses you'll get:

1. BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer (Value: N9,000)

BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer

So we launched the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer mid-May 2019, and decided to throw it in for FREE as part of your package when you order for the BeauCrest African Black Soap.


Two reasons:

Firstly, the first question we get when people order the BeauCrest African Black Soap is: so what cream should I use?

It's understandable; you bought a special organic soap, and it makes sense to not spoil the work of the soap with just any cream, or even another so-called organic cream.

So we thought of it: who best to provide you with a cream to use with a soap if not the maker of the soap?

So we went to work, and like the soap, it took a lot of consulting and work to get the perfect moisturizer. I gave our special skincare consultant for the moisturizer my strict criteria:

  • the moisturizer must be 100% plant-based
  • it should contain non-comedogenic ingredients (that don't clog the pores), especially the oils
  • it should work for ALL skin types, whether oily or dry or even sensitive
  • it MUST contain ingredients that can't cause reaction
  • it should NOT contain any ingredient that would work against the BeauCrest African Black Soap, but instead, even help the soap work faster
  • ETC

And they indeed did well with their selection of ingredients. Some of them are:

Jojoba oil (moisturizing and deeply hydrating; non-comedogenic; not greasy and easily absorbed; antibacterial; antioxidant; regulates sebum or oil production; hypoallergenic -- doesn't cause allergic reactions; soothes dry skin; soothes eczema; soothes sunburn; promotes collagen/skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars; speeds up wound healing; treats acne; ETCCCC)

Grapeseed oil (moisturizing -- balancing both dry and oily patches on the skin; tops most lists of non-comedogenic oils; antioxidant ingredient called proanthocyanidin that evens out skin tone; Vitamin E and C makes the skin softer and more elastic, thereby reducing wrinkles and scars; protects skin from sun damage; treats acne; removes stretch marks; linoleic acid that helps in eczema treatment; a toner cleanses the skin, ETC)

Others (secret) (moisturizes and hydrates deeply; antibacterial; antimicrobial; anti-inflammatory with plenty antioxidants that heals and soothes your skin -- especially dry skin; maintains skin’s pH balance and tightens pores, which smooths wrinkles and fine lines; suitable for ALL skin types; gives skin glow; ETC)

Phewww... did you notice some similarities between the ingredients of the moisturizer and that of the soap?

It's amazing what plants are capable of!

Unfortunately, big companies try to cut costs by using the chemical equivalents of these plants so that they can produce cheaper products that would later destroy your skin.

Not BeauCrest!

Second reason we are giving you this moisturizer for FREE is: apart from the fact that it's generally good to moisturize your skin (in fact, it's more than good; it's important!), because the first thing the BeauCrest African Black Soap does is to regulate the oil on your skin, some people (not all!) who have oily skin usually feel so dry when they start using the soap.

Though they get used to it later, we however always advise them to get a moisturizer to remedy the dry feel.

The next question they usually ask is: which moisturizer can I buy?

So now, without asking or requesting, we are giving you a FREE moisturizer with your BeauCrest African Black Soap order. Use it whether you have dry or oily or sensitive skin; it wouldn't just keep your skin moisturized, it will help you clear your blemishes faster.

So...with just N13, have a complete skincare kit -- both soap and moisturizer. You don't need to spend extra money on cream or moisturizer again.

Click the button below to place your order now and get your complete skin repair bundle (soap and moisturizer)!

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2. FREE Shipping! (Value: between N2,000 to N5,000)

Just so you don’t spend any extra money after ordering for your soap, I’ve decided to bear the cost of shipping, no matter where you are in Nigeria (some outskirts in the North can cost up to N4,500 for shipping alone!).

(Please don't abuse this -- don't order at all if you're not ready to receive the soap, so we don't waste our shipping fee.)

3. Herbal Acne Treatment Package (Value: N7,000)

As part of our quest to help women get rid of acne and claim back their beauty and self-confidence, we (me, my team and our in-house herbal skincare expert) created a recipe book titled “Acne Treatment with Common Plants”.

This eBook contains the common plants you can use to remove acne and other blemishes from your skin, and how to use them.

To make it easier to follow, our skincare expert, Bimbo, demonstrated how to use each plant, and we recorded it in a video.

Bimbo teaching you how to use plants to clear your acne.

The eBook and demonstration video are what make up the Herbal Acne Treatment Package, which we normally sell for N7,000.

BUT…for ordering the BeauCrest African Black Soap, we’ll be sending the entire package (eBook and Video) to you for FREE – once you’ve received your soap.

This will help you on your journey to a cleaner and clearer skin, just in case you love DIY.

Click the button below to order and get your soap, moisturizer and herbal acne treatment package immediately!

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4. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin. (Value: $30/N11,100)

You know what cellulite is, yea?

They are those roughness and dimpling on the skin, especially around areas with fatty tissues, like buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, even breasts and upper arm regions.

It's an embarrassing skin condition that makes you shy to wear bikinis and swimsuits in public.

This powerful guide explains the various types of treatments available for cellulite. And it also provides you with valuable advice for managing cellulite that you may NEVER find anywhere else.

Combining the information in this guide with the use of your BeauCrest African Black Soap will make cellulite a thing of the past; you'll have that smooth, soft and tight skin you've always dreamt of.

Trust me when I say that!

5. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) (Value: $12/N4,380)

This eBook is very loaded.

In it you’ll see almost every possible form of treatment for acne, including even some home remedies we didn’t mention in the Herbal Treatment Package and how to prepare and use them.

Loaded eBook indeed!

Get it for FREE when you take delivery of the BeauCrest African Black Soap.

Simply click the button below to order now.

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  1. The BeauCrest Forever Clean Club (Value: Priceless!)

What does this mean?

We know you’d like to make this your permanent soap once it starts working for you…

So…in order to ensure you continue blessing your skin with this miracle soap, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our “Forever Clean Club”.

As a member, you enjoy:

  • Permanent discount on every subsequent purchase you make as a return buyer of the BeauCrest African Black Soap. You wouldn’t be paying up to N13,000.
  • Priority reservation: no matter how limited the supply of the soap is, we’ll reserve a fresh supply for you every month, so that you never go a day without the BeauCrest African Black Soap nourishing your body and protecting you against blemishes 24/7.
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You must have a flawless skin by fire by force!

Phew…bonuses worth far far over N50,000 even after I’ve heavily discounted the price of the soap.

This is just to show you how much I really want you to achieve your dream skin.

These bonuses are carefully selected and all aimed at the same goal: getting you a flawless skin as soon as possible.

It would be my utmost joy when in the next few weeks, you also chat us up or send me an email about how your skin too has transformed drastically and has become as smooth and as soft as that of a newborn.

News of how you’re no longer shy in public and introverted because of your skin condition, but now go out more and meet more people than ever.

Of how you’ve stopped hiding your face behind heavy cake of makeup, but now go out makeup free.

Seriously, no matter your skin condition, if by (maximum of) the next 3 months of using this soap regularly, you don't already have a flawless skin, then I’ve failed woefully.

And God forbids that!

Let’s get started on your transformational journey immediately...

Yes, your life is about to change for the better. Don’t delay further…

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One of my favourite feedbacks! (Customer prefers to be anonymous)

100% Money Back Guarantee:

This is to show you how much I believe in the magical BeauCrest African Black Soap, and how much I believe in you…

I want to make you a deal.

I know you’ve tried products in the past that failed you.

Now I’m asking you to give the BeauCrest African Black Soap a try.

If after 28 days (approximately one month) of using this soap, you’ve not seen any positive changes on your skin, just call us on 08106432737, and tell us about it. We’ll refund your money immediately.

So now, you can be sure that you’re safe: it’s either the BeauCrest African Black Soap works for you or you get your money back!

It's what I use everyday too; I swear by this soap. It's pure magic!

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Thanks for trusting my recommendation and ordering the BeauCrest African Black Soap. You’ll be so glad you did.

I really can’t wait to share your own transformational story too.

Your partner in beauty,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

 “I have a very dry and sensitive skin. Acne isn’t my problem, but I can’t use just any soap, as it makes my skin drier and I start having funny reactions and breakages/cracks in funny places.

However, since I began sharing the BeauCrest African Black Soap with my wife, I’ve not experienced any dryness or flakiness or cracks on my body. Only a very few soaps have accomplished that.”

- Mr. Joshua A.
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P.S: You know how frustrating it is when acne, pimples and black spots affect your social life so badly that you almost don’t go out again?

Trust me, I know how it feels: I was a victim too...

And that’s why I made it my lifework to help as many women as possible gain their freedom from the hands of skin blemishes.

Hence my reason for spending so much time and money in creating a powerful soap that will clear ALL your blemishes, no matter your skin type, and give you the beauty, power and self-confidence you need to tackle life issues as the boss-lady that you are.

Once you start using your new BeauCrest African Black Soap, your life will change so drastically that you won't need to hide behind heavy makeup and long clothes again; you’ll begin to get admired wherever you go because of your smooth and flawless skin!

Order now to get your package of the BeauCrest African Black Soap. Click here to order:

P.P.S: If you have an oily skin and are used to your skin producing those plenty oils that cause acne, your skin might feel a little bit dry when you start using the BeauCrest African Black Soap.

But that is a good thing. Means the soap is working well: it’s tightening your pores and controlling the production of oil on your skin.

So don’t worry when your skin feels dry or tight; you’ll get used to it pretty soon. It’s the only way you can become spotless with time.

(Or don’t you prefer a drier and clean skin to a skin full of oils and blemishes? I thought so too!)

Let’s go deal with those nasty oils and bacteria; click the button below to place you order now!

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P.P.P.S: Please don't forget to take a picture of your face before you start using the soap. Then keep it safe.

Also take pictures at intervals: 1 week; 2 weeks and 1 month.

Then compare the differences between these pictures.

You'll be very happy and grateful!

(We don't mind you sending your before-and-after picture to us on WhatsApp: 08106432737. Thanks in advance!)

Random testimonials that popped up in comments below our ads and posts on social media recently:

When real buyers are commenting on your must be doing something right, yea?
We posted someone's testimonial, another person commented her own!
We posted Oluwatosin's one-week transformation on our IG, someone else promised us that hers is even bigger! 😂